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MORECompany Profile

ZSH Shanghai  Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a research and development, manufacturing, testing, sales service in one of the high-tech innovative valve production of key enterprises.
Valves, valves, marine valves, anti-corrosion valve, high / low temperature valves and special valves, and other sequences; products in accordance with China's production and sales of valves, GB, HG, JB, the United States API, ANSI, German DIN and Japanese JIS and other national standards of production. The company's strong technical force, sophisticated production equipment, detection means complete, strict system management, quality and reliable products, and constant product innovation. So that the company produced a variety of valve products are widely used in petrochemical, oil refining, nuclear power, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, medicine, food, defense, military and urban construction and other fields and achieved a variety of certificates and significant performance.


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Buyer's Guide

1Please procurement list, company name, contact person and contact information by fax to 021-56476999 or email zshfm@zshvalve.com. 2receive customer purchase list, followed by my company to provide customers with valves offer "price list" and selection "valve type" service. 3specific issues agreed: delivery, special requirements, etc.